Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So this past weekend was my mothers birthday, so we went to the coast. I missed those days, the internet over there sucks where we stay. Thursday we got to Pismo, unloaded our stuff and went to SLO. We ate at the Apple Farm and then walked around downtown, Thursdays they have a farmers market. Friday, we went to the beach and did some serious laying out. We then went to the outlet mall and shopped some. Oh, I forgot to mention that I cooked lunch, which doesn't happen very often. That night we went to Pismo Fish & Chips, where we saw one of my moms friends who has worked there forever, and married the owner. (I think) Saturday, the guys left early and me and mom stayed shopping. I had never been to a Marshall's, so we went, and I came home with a Juicy shirt I got for $24.99. That was a GREAT deal. We finally got home around 7:30. Sunday was a lazy day, we had church, and I watched 90210 all day long, trying to catch up before the season 2 premier tonight (tuesday) actually. Monday was Labor Day. I went swimming with my 7 year old, twin, cousins. We acted like Dinosaurs in the pool and attacked each other. It was alot of fun. I then, seeing I have been in the cooking mood, cooked dinner for everybody. Then, I watched 90210 for the rest of the night. :) So here are the pictures of the day from Thursday-Monday (:

I forgot to mention that Saturday, before me and my mom left, we went to the Avalia Valley Barn. We LOVE getting vegetables from there, so we stopped. Saturdays they have corn you can buy and it's ready to eat, and seeing as though we LOVE corn I got some, but it burned the entire inside of my mouth and even blistered it! I didn't know you could do that to the inside of your mouth!!!!! Crazy stuff!

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  1. I had so much fun this weekend!!Thanks for hanging out with your ole mom!!!! Love ya