Friday, August 28, 2009

Why not take a crazy chance...

So last night Ty took me to watch Julie & Julia, which is about this woman who blogs about cooking every recipe in another woman's recipe book. That inspired me. I want to blog about doing something everyday, or even if it's just posting a picture everyday for a year. So if anyone has any ideas let me know :] I don't care if anyone reads it, It is a good goal setter. Like Julie in the book, I haven't finished a lot to the end. So why not, right?
1] Post a picture that I take everyday for a set amount of time. 1 year? 6 months?
2] Make up some sort of scheme everyday for a set amount of time. Like my water slide idea. Who knows, one day that may pay off.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Waterslide Transport

So I've been thinking, why not think of a new way to travel that would be a new and exciting? Well I had a dream last night, which consisted of Tyler and I traveling back from the coast through underground water slides. So I wake up and I'm like, hey that's really not such a bad idea, right? Well, here is what I have collaborated in my thought process:
1] Can start from one town and make it go to another town, to see how well it goes over.
2] I know the whole gravity issue probably concerns most of you, but if I had good investors we could have some way of boosting you from point A to point B. If nothing else we could start on the top of a mountain.
3] Of course the tubes would be completely closed so it would be okay for winter too. (don't forget we would use nice hot water in the winters) Now if that didn't work out either, then summer business would be fine.
4] Eventually, if we had several different tubes running we could work out some sort of waterproof credit card system, so when they stopped in the pools to change directions or what not, they could buy some lemonade or snacks, or heck even open up a McD's or something.

This is all I have for now, but if anyone has any other ideas you may contact me and I could either approve them or not ;)

So Michael had a good idea:
Michael Meadors
Michael Meadors
Or maybe have different systems for people of different weight categories because if they had to wait in 5 minute intervals traffic would suck.

I had told him that We could have everybody go every 5 minutes so people wouldn't get stuck or crash or anything. So I might bring in Michael as a partner :)